We All Scream for Ice Cream

So it’s a hot Saturday without too much to do, nor the energy to do it anyway. The humidity has apparently turned my body inside out so that the solids are on the inside. When unexpectedly, a call comes in from Webster – a dinner invitation with three girls. I’m gonna need a shower.

But even the cold water can’t quench the heat. It was one of those days where even toweling off uses enough energy to cause you to break a sweat. Okay, extra deodorant, shorts, take the shirt with me. The truck is air conditioned. Maybe it’ll be better when I get there.

So I head out with the blower hurling mildly cool air at me. I’ve been putting off getting the A/C in the truck serviced for over a month now. Procrastination doesn’t pay. Grumble, grumble.

Arriving there, I decide to don the shirt before exiting the truck. No point in scaring the neighbors. Although one does sees me dressing in the truck. I’m hoping he’s conjuring up a better story to tell his buddies than was really going on. Anyway, up to the door and inside where more hurling of mildly cool air is happening. The wall mounted A/C just can’t quite keep up with the load of cooling the whole place, but it’s way the heck better than my house.

After a fashion, we head out to dinner. We all pile in the Kia. Now this thing blows cold air. Score one for Korea. My core temperature is finally starting to fall. We arrive at the restaurant to find it’s even colder still. My mustache frosts slightly as we enter. This is now my favorite place to eat, and I haven’t even seen a menu yet.

As dinner winds to a close, the topic of dessert comes up. There are some tasty pastries available, but I suggest going for ice cream. After all, there’s still a spot on the inside that’s running a bit hot. So we head back out into the cryo-Kia. It’s starting to rain a bit, but it’s kind of refreshing. The day is looking up.

As we pull into the ice cream stand the lightning is starting to put on quite a show. Big thick chains are grounding in the distance and the thunder is rumbling like my tummy after nachos. But not everyone thinks that’s so very cool. In fact, everyone agrees that it would be best if I go get the ice cream and bring it back to the car. Can do ladies. And I hop out and walk around to the far side of the building where the window is.

The lightning continued to crack, and it worked to my advantage because the line shortened quickly as less determined people starting running for their cars. But dammit, I came for ice cream. So as I’m placing my order the skies open up and it begins to rain cats and dogs – and goats and sheep – and a couple of chickens. Awww, it can’t rain this hard for long. So I take delivery of the dishes and pay the tab. I stare out from under the protective awning – barnyards of water continue to fall. The mighty Kia is out of sight behind the building. I’m contemplating my options. It’s not like it would be the first time I’ve been soaked today, so I could just run for it. But I have to carry multiple uncovered ice creams and negotiate a door. I’m likely to wind up with nothing but partial bowls of soup. That’s no way to treat ice cream. And I can’t think about this for too much longer as things are starting to melt.

But I guess I’m not the only one who cares about the sanctity of ice cream. Suddenly, a flash of headlights catches my attention and the Kia noses up to the end of the sidewalk. Assuming there must be a plan, I scurry out with my load. As I approach the front of the car, the passenger door bursts open. I weave around it to find three hands waiting to grab bowls. In a flash I’m in. The ice cream is safe. I’m reasonably dry. The day just keeps getting better.

…and I haven’t even had the black raspberry ‘scream yet.

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