I’m Feeling Much Better

I just returned from several days of R&R with my girlfriend and all four of our kids. Last year the logistics of the larger crowd were somewhat overwhelming, but this year things seem to be running dead smooth. That is to say that it’s no longer just the sisters picking on each other or the brothers picking on each other. They all pick on one another pretty evenly, and frequently gang up on their parents en force. This explains the squadron of ducks in my back seat the other night on the way back to the hotel. All four of them were quacking and honking like crazy. I’m glad we were near the city or I’d still be picking birdshot out of my fenders. How that migrated into a “who could make the most authentic juicy drawer filling fart sound” is still a bit of a mystery. But I think they’ve figured out how to have a good time together nonetheless.

I’m also glad to see nothing changed in the news while I was gone. The President finally explained the Iraqi War, making something like 8 references to 9/11 last night. He asserted yet again why he has sacrificed 1750 Americans and $180 billion to avenge the deaths of 3000 people and the loss of $50 billion. That’s showin’ ’em George. And we are committed to staying there and continuing to show them regardless of whether the end is imminent (as Cheney says) or takes 12 years (as Rumsfeld says). We will be there as handy targets and terrorist recruiting posters, spending hard earned American dollars collected in taxes from the middle class, sacrificing the lives of the lower economic classes, until the upper crust of American society feels its spleen is sufficiently vented. And Osama couldn’t be happier. Now that Osama has declared Iraq the new front of the war, G.W. is taking credit for showing up for the fight. He should also be taking credit for setting up the venue and paying for all the marketing.

I’m going back to the pool with the kids. My spleen feels better there.

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