O’Reilly Gives Irish a Bad Name

Guest bloggerette Kim contributes the following rant:

I can’t believe what I just saw on the Today show. Matt was doing an interview to promote the “O’Reilly Factor book for kids”. The moron actually wrote a book on how to raise kids better. Forget the fact that Matt said in the beginning that O’Reilly was a not married before he was 46 and has only been a father for the past 5 years, “what do you know about raising kids”. But at the end of it, Matt asked him “in the interest of our country’s kids, why don’t you make a new years resolution to stop saying “shut up” on your show to those that don’t agree with you?” To which he replied, that it’s only October and Matt didn’t even know what month it is. Matt asked him what his worst mistake was in his life and he replied “coming on this show today”. Matt said “then you should learn from your mistakes because it’s your 4th visit”.

The dialog between them was the only time I’d ever heard Matt Lauer talk to someone like he did. It was obvious to me that he has no respect for this guy… then again… who in the hell does?

Very funny…. (except for the fact that he actually wrote a book).

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