At first blush, Argentina reminds you a lot of Spain, just with more cows. Probably less cows than India, but they are put to more productive use. Cows are big here. As you walk down the street people are trying to drag you into stores for one of two purposes. They either want you to wear cows or eat them. You can get most anything in leather here from bikinis to saddles. Curiously, they are sold in the same shops. That frightened me a bit and I was afraid to ask too many questions.

We also saw a whole lot of really really dead and really really rich guys. There is a cemetery which is walking distance from here which is really cool in a “Tales from the Crypt” sort of way. It’s laid out like a tiny village with little marble house lined streets. Each mausoleum has an alter and an uncomfortable number or caskets in it. And yes, often you can see the caskets. Eva Peron (Evita) was there, but she didn’t look much like Madonna. Very weird.

Oh, and I’m even for all the potatoes I didn’t eat in Ireland. I sort of messed up my lunch order at the cafe` and wound up having potato salad followed by a huge baked potato. (Are all you Atkins dieters jealous?) In my limited defense, it really sounded much different from that on the menu. Curiously the potato salad was served as a bowl of diced potatoes with a layer of onions, a few hard boiled eggs on top of that and a big dollop of dressing to finish it off. I wasn’t even entirely sure what it was until I mixed it up. Tonight I think I’m just ordering the slab of beef. I’ve had enough starch for the day.

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