So to be fair, I’m posting a link to a FOX News story about the 9/11 Commission’s findings on the Al Qaeda/Iraq link. The “liberal news media” has been saying that the commission directly contradicted one of President Bush’s justifications for going to war against Iraq. But FOX (motto: “Bringing AM Talk Radio to a TV near you”) is insisting this is biased reporting. This assertion is based on a commission member who said there were links, just not a working relationship and no evidence of any Iraqi involvement in September 11.

So to recap. There were no WMDs. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Iraq had no working relationship with Al Qaeda. We are spending tens of billions of dollars and sacrificing thousands of lives (only fair to count the Iraqis) because there were “links”. Oh, and Saddam was a baaaaad man.

Lest we forget, Clinton was impeached for covering up his private extramarital activities with Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. Now Ms. Jones may have been the victim of a crude sexual advance (and abysmally poor judgment – ladies, if a man invites you to his hotel room and you go, then you should not be shocked when he hits on you). But Ms Lewinsky was never an alleged victim of anything (other than betrayal by her “friend”). And if Hillary was emotionally wounded by Clinton, then it was more by the media exposure than his actions.

So to recap. We have a President impeached for being seriously rude to one woman and lying about his sex life.

Now, to recap the recaps. Bush, in his official capacity as President, spends billions and kills hundreds with no substantiated evidence justifying his actions. Clinton, in his personal life, lies and emotionally scars one person. One of these men is running for President. One has been impeached.


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