So I’m leaving work tonight in the usual post cubicle dwelling funk and aimlessly thinking I should change jobs, careers, or at least my socks when I get home. By-and-by, I stroll by this sort of lime green Ford Escort wagon which was salt encrusted up to the roofline. By itself, just another uninteresting and filthy victim of the endless northeastern winter – excepting one thing. The cross bars of the roof rack of this otherwise nondescript wagon had been removed. And over the rear hatch was mounted this wonderfully aggressive double aluminum wing. On the odd chance that it ever attained enough speed for the wing to actually function, it would promptly apply force behind the rear wheels. With Archimedian irony, the force would lift the weight off the front drive wheels causing them to spin out. The likely result being the tragic death of the little Escort that could. But hey, at least it can be said that this was an Escort with ambition (kinda like Heidi Fleiss).

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