Oh ferchrisesake!! As if Bush’s new interest in Mars wasn’t a hopeful signal that he’d given up on Earth (Martians beware!!), now he’s claiming the only solution to our problems is divine intervention? He knows he’s President, right? Did someone tell him he was the Pope? Should I take solace in the fact his domestic agenda is based on public funding of religious based efforts to save America? Is it that he’s clueless so he’s turning it over to his god, or are we back to him being an instrument of the lord? Neither makes me think he’s sporting gravy on his fries.

In what may be the most Quayle-esque statement he’s made in a while, Bush left nothing to chance by emphasizing, “Faith-based programs are only effective because they do practice faith. It’s important for our government to understand that.” Thanks for clearing that up George.

It’s not bad enough that our foreign policy seems to have been designed by Yosemite Sam, our domestic policy was apparently developed by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. Honestly… it’s getting embarrassing to be a U.S. citizen.

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