Bush is on TV now explaining how unfortunate it is that many Americans lack the math skills to be gainfully employed in our present economy. Has he checked his own math skills lately? He’s asking for the tax cuts to be permanent. He’s proposing countless new programs. He’s going to submit a budget which limits the increase in discressionary spending to 4%. He’s going to continue the war on terror. And he’s going to cut the deficit in half in 5 years. Huh? Where’s all the money for that coming from?

He has completely ducked any of the difficult questions. He didn’t address the WMD issue which was the cornerstone of his State of the Union last year. In fact, he claimed victory at finding “evidence of weapons programs” which would be threatening us today if he didn’t act. He’s shifting to touting how Iraq was violating the will of the U.N., yet he violated the U.N.’s will by going to Iraq. He’s not addressed the deficit other than to say his magic budget was going to cut it. And now he’s explaining how federalizing the institution of marriage will protect us from the evils of same sex unions, and why funding faith-based groups will protect the faithful from discrimination. Huh?

This speech was little more than self-egrandizing pre-campaign rhetoric. And judging by the applause, lots of people are buying it. Kudos to Ted Kennedy for at least sitting there shaking his head and looking disgusted.

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