So yesterday my boys and I were slated to go ice skating with my girlfriend and her two daughters. I was really looking forward to it, but since I wasn’t walking terribly well yet, I had to pass and be a spectator. So while the five of them stumbled their way around the ice on skates, I stumbled around the arena on sneakers. I think I fell more than any of them, but it was good exercise for my back.

We returned to her house afterwards for pizza and a movie where I saw a whole new side of her. I simply had to lie down on the floor and straighten my back. Of course the kids were all down there, and the boys were wrestling each other. Upon entering the room, she quickly snapped into “momma bear” mode and positioned herself to protect me from the kids (mostly mine) so no one bumped me. While perhaps a bit overzealous, it was damned sweet, and it felt good to feel like someone cared that much.

I think it all bodes well for the new year. This has been a year of healing: physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I feel stronger going into the coming year than any in recent memory. I hope the new year finds you happy as well.

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