Okay, so I haven’t been writing lately. I’ve been a bit consumed. Sure, there’s holiday shopping and parent-teacher conferences and skits at school and enough corporate crap to fertilize Montana… but that’s not really the problem. You see, I got a new truck last week. After 10 years with the “big green truck”, it was time to nudge it gently into retirement and move on.

The transition resulted in some odd reactions. My 8-year old son was brought to tears at the prospect of me selling “the only truck he’d ever known.” It was really a bit heartbreaking and I seriously considered keeping it for awhile. On other fronts, most every woman I know has now revealed that they never really liked the color of the old truck anyway. I’m not offended by that. I liked the color, probably in part because it was a little “odd”. I’m okay with that. However, I’m bewildered why their opinion was a secret for a decade. These are the same women who would not (and have not) hesitated to tell me that just because two colors co-exist in nature is not a reason why I should be wearing them both on the same day.

Anyway, so I finally got the new girl last week. It is one “big honkin” truck. Ram Quad Cab 4×4, but most important… it’s got a Hemi. Okay, so it’s partly a marketing gimmick. But damn if it isn’t a kick in the teeth to feel that power flow when you step on the gas. For the first two days I was genetically compelled to make Tim Taylor grunting sounds while driving. The boys and I are busy now “decorating” the new truck with all the appropriate gizmos, gadgets, and accessories befitting my new baby. When we’re done, maybe we’ll start on the Christmas Tree.

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