So just to recap. Tell me if I’m missing something:

– We’ve spent billions to keep the world safe from the Twin Trailers of Terror.

– Oh yeah, and we freed some oppressed people… who are now so happy they are shooting us in the streets.

– Still, our intelligence is “darn good”, which is a hog spit short of being “swell”, but still well above “oop-si-daisy”.

– Those silly Brittish (motto: “Snortin’ Yank bum is not my bag baby”) said Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Africa. Ms. Condoleezza Rice says that just because they were quoted in the U.S. State of the Union address is no reason to assume the statement was true. After all, Mr. Bush did attribute the quote properly. He also quoted his own intelligence agencies a number of times in that same speech. If you do the math, that makes the Brittish intelligence “jolly good”.

– And no one could have possibly forseen the ensuing instability caused by freeing disparate groups of people rife with mutual distrust and even hate. It’s not like this sort of thing just occurred in Eastern Europe or anything.

Therefore, it is not Bush’s fault that we are now in a 5+ year multi-billion dollar military/political sink hole. We have to finish what we started. Which is why he’s continuing to focus on voodoo economics (motto: “If the rich are only rich enough, all other problems will seem trite to them”), the legacy of slavery (loosly translted as “Man I hope some Black people vote for me next time”), and assuring that Tom Ridge is on schedule to get the new logo published for Homeland Security (motto: “Duct tape fixes anything”).

Hmmm… d’ya think you should be concerened that this man has a quarter billion dollars to spend on his next election campaign and no viable opposition? Maybe just a little?

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