I’ve been gone a bit. Fortunately the world has gone on without me. In my absence, several things have happened worthy of note.

In the absence of any recent Saddam or Osama sightings many impatient Americans have mistakenly decided that vilifying the Dixie Chicks is the next best thing. After all, once the world is free from their treasonous and twangy behavior we’ll all feel better. Besides, at least we know where they’ll be – on their sold out tour. Guess we showed them. I did catch a bit of the Diane Sawyer interview. While I don’t concur with their reasons for objecting to the war (they don’t think anyone should get hurt), I do respect them for not rolling over to the pressure. They have recanted their choice of venue for their views, but are standing their ground. They are entitled to that. Now leave ’em alone.

North Korea walked out of the joint China/U.S. talks. This after some people were beginning to concede that Bush’s plan to Shock & Awe the world into submission might have some promise. At least North Korea is being straightforward though. They can be bought. I haven’t seen a price, but if you’re gonna prostitute yourself for peace, you might as well get right out there under the streetlight.

And finally, there are still no weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq. You gotta love it. Now the Bush administration is claiming that we need to be patient and give the military inspectors time to search. Inspections will be effective, they just need time. Deja vu all over again?

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