I’m My Son’s Grandma

This hasn’t hit the mainstream media yet, but the news/rumor is all over the Internets that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin’s infant Down’s Syndrome child may, in fact, be her teenage daughter’s kid. Now, the evidence is still circumstantial, but it’s damn compelling. The trouble is, either way, she’s politically toasted based on the facts. Either she’s committed fraud by claiming the kid as her own (there’s a birth certificate with her listed as the mother) and lied about the situation to everyone (hardly consistent with Christian values), or she exhibited really poor judgment flying 13 hours from Texas to Alaska while in labor with her fifth child (not too consistent with her pro-life Chistian values either).

And the real loser in all this is McCain. He made a “maverick” decision and went with an unknown who had not been properly vetted. He’s running on the premise that he has the experience and superior judgement to make good decisions. Regardless of how the Palin pregnancy pans out, he’s made a bad decision, and clearly not one he consulted his advisors on. Is this what we want? Another President who follows his gut regardless of data and without the counsel of his advisors? Isn’t eight years of this enough?

Pondering Palin

McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate assures one thing. This fall will be an historic election, one way or the other. But while on the surface, the choice of Palin seems like a Hail Mary pass to disaffected Clinton supporters, I think it more likely it’s a lateral toss to the Christian Right.

It seems unlikely that more than a handful of Clinton supporters will take the bait. They may have wanted a woman in the White House, but I doubt they want this woman. The last thing this country needs is to be led by a pro-gun anti-gay religious fundamentalist/creationist bent on overturning Roe v. Wade.

… oh wait, we already are.

Fox News Skybox Flooded at DNC

It doesn’t make up for 10 years of biased reporting, but it’s a start. Key quote:

The sprinkler was located on the club level in a skybox which had recently been renovated to host a news crew. It appears the skybox belongs to Fox.

After going off, the sprinkler released 50 to 100 gallons of water per minute and 9NEWS crews estimate it was on for around 5 minutes.

Funding with Flapjacks

Well this morning brought the second big fundraiser, this time for swimming. They had cut a deal with a local restaurant to have a pancake breakfast. The kids all filled the roles of hosts/hostesses and wait staff, and they bussed tables. Amazingly, for an early Sunday morning event, there was much more energy coming from the teen staff than was shown at the afternoon car wash. This couldn’t possibly be because teenagers are naturally more bushy-tailed in the morning. Usually they are comatose at that hour. However, this was a combined girls/boys team fundraiser. One might suspect, if one were inclined to, that the presence of the opposite sex was the motivating factor missing at the car wash. Let’s face it, any teenager would go out of his/her way for the prospect of attracting the eye of the opposing gender. While that same teen in that same circumstance would barely grunt in the direction of an adult.

Ahhh… these are the days…

Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues

It’s almost time for school to start. Let the fundraisers begin.

The boys volleyball team held a car wash today. Let that percolate in your brain for a bit. Conjure up images of energetic teens playfully soaping and rinsing cars while soaking each other with hoses. Enjoy that image. Then file it away with the rest of your unrealized fantasies.

This was a group of listless boys who clearly would have rather been anywhere but a parking lot being subjected to forced manual labor. The two boys up the road in charge of marketing were completely prone on the grass where they would limply raise from their chest a sign hawking the car wash. You parked your car and got out while a dozen boys drizzled water on your car, then lazily slapped on some suds from a bucket. Finally, the damp dirt was wiped from several surfaces of your vehicle with window squeeges and soaking wet towels. Then a parent took your money and you drove away.

Given that they were in front of a McDonald’s, maybe they should have taken some of the proceeds and bought the kids some coffee. Minimally, none of the guys should give up on their plans for college, and those not destined to be desk jockeys should seriously consider joining state road crews.