I’m at the point of sputtering. I don’t even know where to begin.

The Bush administration has sacrificed yet another chief of staff in an attempt to distance itself from the blatant misuse of it’s power. First Scooter Libby for “The Plame Game”, then Kyle Sampson for “Who Wants to Be a US attorney?”, and both being obvious fall-guys for their bosses.

Further, it’s clear that Harriet Meirs, the woman Bush wanted on the Supreme Court, advocated the political firings of all 93 US attorneys. Gonzales asserts that he’s “accountable”, yet defends that he was in the dark and out of the loop. Excuse me… isn’t the whole point of being accountable that you take the responsibility, whether you were aware or not? Doesn’t “accountability” include being accountable to be aware??

Meanwhile, Cheney’s out reasserting the mythical Iraqi-9/11 connection. Bush is promising the Mexicans that Congress is softening up on their position that Mexicans should live and work in Mexico. And Congress is wasting time offering DOA bills demanding troop withdrawals.

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski may have put it best when he asserted that the challenge for the country now is to merely stay afloat until the 2008 elections when we can sweep every last trace of this administration into the sea.