Two Birds, One Stone?

Intractable problems call for out of the box solutions. Currently, the US is facing two intractable problems. (Well, two that I intend to talk about here.) Our rate of oil consumption and the tightening global supply is driving up the cost of energy. There are no easy solutions to that cost increase. We are addicted to oil and have not adequately prepared for alternatives. Those alternate solutions are years off.

Meanwhile, we are also facing what I find a bizarre situation with Mexico. Mexican citizens are demanding their rights to US citizenship. They have somehow come to feel entitled to seeking the American dream. And this entitlement is not only felt by illegal immigrants living in the US. It is apparently a prevalent feeling among Mexicans living in Mexico.

Mexico produces some 3 million barrels of oil per day. By some accounts, it has untapped reserves rivaling Saudi Arabia, however, Mexico lacks the technology and capital to access it all. Even at present rates, Mexico produces half as much oil as the US. US consumption is about 20 mbpd right now. Combined US/Mexican oil production is almost half of our current need.

Hmmmm… Gee, one way to make the Mexicans Americans would be to annex Mexico. Then we’d get access to all their oil, and the silver mines would be nice too. We’d get all of our factories back. I’m sure there would be a lot of headaches too. The government is widely regarded as corrupt… which I think just means they’d fit right in. We’d have to openly accept the whole bi-lingual thing, but hell, the National Anthem has already been done.

It sounds like a win all the way around. Or it’s at least worth a little exploration.