Red Rove-r, Red Rove-r

So you gotta be lovin’ the fact that the Teflon is starting to chip off the Bush administration. Karl Rove has been hopelessly linked to the exposure of CIA Agent Plame as a tactic to discredit Wilson’s exposure of Bush’s lies about Saddam’s nuclear shopping spree in Africa. Bush promised to fire anyone involved in the outing of Plame, and to remind him of that, every news channel in the country (except Fox) is playing that tape almost continuously. Will he fire Rove? Doubtful. His loyalty is stronger that his public promises. And frankly, I hope he doesn’t. The longer Bush holds on to Rove, the longer there will be an opportunity to tie this back to Cheney or maybe even Bush himself.

I also find it interesting that a few “liberal radicals” are pushing the “treason” angle here. Making the point that since Rove committed this one technically treasonous act, how do we know that he and maybe the whole administration are not working for some foreign power? It’s fun mud to sling, but I think ultimately without merit. I don’t believe Bush and “his brain” are operating for anything other than personal gain and what they have come to believe is the best interest of the country. I think they believe they are on “mission from God” of sorts and that this puts them above the law. Of course they are phenomenally wrong about the “above the law” part, but you wouldn’t know that from all we’ve let them get away with to date.

It’s time to take back our country. Hopefully we have learned (or will learn very soon) that just because someone drapes themselves in God and the flag, it doesn’t make every one of their ideas meritable. Good intentions may get you to heaven, but they shouldn’t get you to the White House. You have to be accountable for your actions.