Shattered Illusions of Duct Tape

Duct Tape – one of the four fundamental attractive forces in the universe (the other three being gravity, electromagnitism, and blondes). The chemical antithesis of WD-40. The most sacred substance of man (or at least real men). Who knew that in it’s unrefined state it was unstable?

A South Carolina Duct Tape factory exploded today, killing one man, and shattering illusions of countless others. The man’s family should know he died a hero, doing what he loved.

Now the world waits on pins and needles to learn if the explosion will trigger any supply shortages. After all, existing stocks will be sorely depleted by taping the factory back together again.

New Extremes of Homophobia

Okay, this guy has issues. What’s scarier still is that he’s an elected official. Granted, he’s only a county supervisor in Virginia, but still, people voted for this moron. And they send him money!! He may have actually reached the point where I’m tempted to restrict his right to free speech.

Key Quote:

“As homosexuals die off due to AIDS, the remaining AIDS carriers prey on children to replenish the ‘Homosexual Community,'”

This reflects a level of paranoia usually reserved for Vampire movies.

I mean c’mon… just because the evangelical Christians are dedicated to recruiting new members, is the assumption that every group is engaged in that? We better watch out for the Disabled Veterans then. I bet they’re bustin’ knee caps every chance they get.

I Think It’s Time for the Christians to Act

I think the right wing evangelical radical Christian movement has reached a dangerous tenor. Paul Krugman sums the case up nicely, so I won’t belabor the obvious reasons why this is so. The question is, what to do?

As in Krugman’s essay, I find myself, like many, on shaky ethical ground here. I firmly believe in the free exchange of ideas and would adamantly defend the rights of those who think differently than me to do so. So it is difficult for me to be intolerant – even of those who are intolerant. But I do think that Krugman is on to something. It is that tolerant nature that the intolerant are playing against us. But it can’t be just that simple. After all, if they were doing this in the name of some ceramic dimestore idol, they would just be dismissed as crackpots. Their intolerance would be harmless.

However, they are doing this in the name of the Christian religion. The religion practiced by the majority of Americans. Further, they have asserted that to be Christian, you must believe as they do, and much of their ideology has roots in one biblical passage or another. I think this makes it very difficult for more well-adjusted Christians (which I believe are most of them) to take a hard stance against the radicals. Many are still having occasional crises of their own faith, and it’s hard to be called anti-Christian when you are trying to be just the opposite. Still, I think they are the only ones who can do the job.

Krugman seems to think the Democrats need to step up. I don’t think they can. I don’t think the Jews can, or the Media, or the Veterans, or the Gays, or the Atheists. None of these groups are in a position to denounce the radicals’ actions as being non-Christian. And without that denouncement, the radicals will always be able to fall back on the position that they doing the Christian God’s work in His name.

In order to defeat the radicals and their not-so-hidden agenda to control our government, media, and nuances of our lives they have no business even addressing, it is necessary to rob them of their mighty Christian banner. That is the source of their power, and they are abusing it. They are giving real Christians a bad name, and they should be as much an embarrassment to them as the radical Islamics are to ordinary Muslims. But only the Christian groups can do that. Until mainstream ministers, bishops, etc. start to expose radicals for the frauds they are, they will continue unabated. Ultimately, the masses of good Christians out there need to rise up and label these radicals as something else. Something different. Something that exposes them as the minority they are. I think it’s time for the Christians to act. If not in our defense, then in their own.

Erring on the Side of Life?

Apparently, on the same weekend that Bush flew back to Washington to stick his nose into the Schiavo family’s business and attempt to run rough-shod over the judiciary branch of government which had the audacity to do something he didn’t like, he also zeroed out the funding for the Federal TBI Act.

What’s the TBI act? Just a small fund which provided for victims of traumatic brain injury. Over 60% of the wounded soldiers returning from Iraq suffer from TBI. But no money for them. After all, why pay for therapy for people who might actually recover to some or all of their previous quality of life? Let’s put our energy into keeping one woman with a non-functional cerebral cortex alive so that her parents can continue deluding themselves into believing their daughter still exists.