One final thought before I go. Over the last two nights I’ve discovered that the women here have odd names. I’ve met Gretchee, Hershey, Sugar, and Happy among others. I’ve never been at the sites at the beginning of the shifts, but I can’t help but wonder if they march in single file while singing, “Hi ho, hi ho… It’s off to work we go!”

Now try to get that song out of your head… You’re welcome.

We are DONE!!! I was sucking life through a straw for most of the company visit tonight. I felt a little sorry for our hosts. They were trying so hard and they really had some great things to show us, but the bunch of us were sitting there looking like extras from the remake of Dawn of the Living Dead.

Now I just have to survive the flight home. It’s only halfway around the planet. I sure hope I get a comfortable seat with some slim and freshly washed neighbors. Which reminds me, I have time for a shower before going to the airport.

Homeward bound…