Have you seen Dubya’s resume` online yet? When you’re done, click the links at the bottom of the page to get to some eye-opening reprinted articles expressing so-called alternative views of the administration. Many are from the European perspective. We don’t look so good from there.


Hmmmm…. Cheney is still sticking to the 9/11 – Saddam connection. He sites a meeting which was supposed to have occurred in Prague about 4 months before the attack between key players from both sides. This despite evidence that one of the alleged people involved was in the U.S. at the time. Increasingly he stands alone. Well hidden, but alone. I don’t believe for a minute that his ego will allow him to let go of this particular bone. I don’t think he can cope with being wrong, and it’s driving him further into a self-delusional state.

Now normally, self-delusional or even comatose VPs don’t really matter much. But Cheney is the puppet master behind the current administration, and the entourage will continue to spiral into collective self-delusion with him. Curiously, this is good news, for no matter how desperately the “moral majority” and business tycoon legions wants to hold onto their political power, their emperor is slowing revealing that he’s wearing no clothes.

Can you smell that? Smells like a burning Bush… Lean close, listen hard, perhaps you’ll hear the voice of the sane.


Guest naysayer Brian thoughtfully submitted the following:

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Or, if you prefer…

Interestingly I’m studying this controversial phenomenon at the Department

of Linguistics at Aberystwyth University and my extraordinary discoveries

wholeheartedly contradict the publicised findings regarding the relative

difficulty of instantly translating sentences. My researchers developed a

convenient contraption at http://www.aardvarkbusiness.net/tool that

demonstrates that the hypothesis uniquely warrants credibility if the

assumption that the preponderance of your words is not extended is

unquestionable. Apologies for adopting a contradictory viewpoint but,

theoretically speaking, lengthening the words can manufacture an incongruous

statement that is virtually incomprehensible. 🙂


In other news, Colin Powell has given Iraq just 6 months to come up with a constitution… or what? We’ll invade? We’ll leave? We’ll replace the current puppet government with another one more likely to abide by arbitrary toothless deadlines imposed by occupying military forces?

This is such an obvious dollop of whipped creme` being lobbed at the French it should be embarrassing.